The Midwest Aikido Federation offers two levels of membership: direct affiliation through one of the MAF dojo or associate membership, which only requires an interest in keeping Tohei Shihan's legacy alive.  Directly affiliated members have the opportunity to accumulate days of training towards testing requirements, may test for rank with their dojo instructor's consent, and visit other MAF dojo as a recognized Aikido practitioner.  Associate member privileges include participation in the continued contribution to Akira Tohei Shihan's legacy and the organization he founded.  Membership in the MAF provides a connection to a tradition of diligent practice in the art of Aikido.  Since Aikido World Headquarters dispatched Tohei Shihan to the Midwest USA in 1972, the MAF has continued to be loyal to the ideals and teachings of O-Sensei.

Please contact the nearest dojo for additional membership information and an application.